Rainbow Trout & Bacon

(Yes! Instead of eggs and bacon, trout and bacon. Delicious.)

When you have bacon, you have fat. And for those of you who are just getting into eating wild game, there is usually not much fat on wild animals and fish. The reasons are simple. Wild animals and fish, live  for a living! They move, they are free range and they go where they want and when they want to seek shelter or find food and water. They burn way more calories then lazy domestic animals and farmed fish that are hand fed by humans. They eat an entirely 100% natural organic diet that was there before we were.

In order to cook wild fish and game, it is sometimes necessary to use water, olive oil (other vegetable oils) or believe it or not, bacon in order to keep the meat from sticking to the pan, drying out, or cooking too fast because there is a lack of fat. The bacon used can come from wild hogs and does not have to be purchased. Most states in the entire southern United States allow hog hunting year round. Go bag one and use the bacon from a real hog (which were actually domestic in the US when first introduced from Europe, then released….just like the pheasant which is from China) or use one to two pieces of store bought bacon per pan of wild game. Enjoy!




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