Leg Roast

It’s that time of year when the temperature outside starts to change and the cooling breezes of late October and early November caress the leaves and blow through the hollows and ridges here in the Piedmont region of Georgia.

There is nothing better to me to come home to when I come out of the woods in the evening then a freshly roasted leg of deer.

One of our favorite ways to eat venison is to put a hole hind quarter (on the bone) into a large pot big enough to handle a hind quarter either split at the knee or bent. We lay the leg down into the bottom of the pot, add carrots, potatoes, whole garlic, whole onion, a few cups of water and salt & pepper. That’s it.

The oven is heated to 300 degrees. The pot is placed on the bottom rack (adjust to fit taller pots) and the roast is cooked for 2 1/2 hours.

We believe when venison is cooked this way, it tastes similar to roast beef but, of course, tastes entirely better.

Tip: The leftover meat makes the very best sandwiches and the leftover meat coupled with the broth makes the very best soups!

Enjoy this fall favorite of ours anytime of the year!

(pulled deer leg roast and vegetables…yummmy!)


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