Eastern Gray Squirrel

This post is dedicated to wild game as table fare! This food has been feeding humans on this continent for thousands of years and is still available today. There is a huge difference between going into a grocery store, buying a (hopefully healthy) piece of meat, taking it home minutes away and unwrapping the cellophane wrapped – sold on a piece of styrofoam, cut of domestic meat and going into the woods after all natural never tampered with wild game. – Healthy. Clean. Satisfaction.

We really love not having to buy store bought beef, chicken or pork if we can help it. There are so many wonderful and delicious game animals and recipes out there. Choosing to eat natural wild meat can be one of the healthiest choices that we can make. Below, are some of our favorite choices.

Eastern Gray Squirrel

Salt, Pepper, Virgin Olive Oil, Winter Wheat Flour



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