Be sure to wear Hunter’s Orange when you go into the woods this season.

Its easy to forget why we wear hunter’s orange. That’s only because nothing bad has happened to us while wearing it. Bad in the way of another hunter taking a shot at what they thought was a walking animal or flickering tail. Many hunters think that blaze orange is a dead give away to a deer. This is not true at all. Deer see hunter’s orange as gray. Believe it or not, as long as you are covered head to toe, or at least in dark colors (I recommend black) and are wearing a net or face mask, a deer will have trouble picking you out as long as you are not moving. Remember, deer see movement way more than they see shape or color.

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Deer are also crepuscular creatures. They see best in low light. On a bright sunny day, the higher the sun gets, the harder it is for a deer to see.

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Low and slow movement and moving at the right time when a deer has lowered its head or it is on the other side of tree or brush, is the best time to draw your weapon.

What you’re wearing doesn’t matter if your arrow or bullet finds the vitals of a deer before they find you.

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