KP Archery Handcrafted Longbow Review By Melissa Hunt

First off, I am not a bow expert by any means and this is my very first bow.

IMG_3180It is a 32# right handed hickory longbow at 28″ draw. Just my size! I am 5’3″ and a girl. This size bow works for me, my height and my strength being a newbie to the bow shooting thing. After little instruction, I was able to shoot this bow with ease and I am happy to report that I hit the target almost every time.




The bow came in an unfinished hickory light colored wood and I may stain or oil it later down the road to personalize it. That is nice that it is unstained so that I can make it any color I want.

The craftsmanship was very good and it feels really sturdy. You absolutely cannot beat this bow for the price.

Most bows seem to be over $150 for a halfway decent one and I was really impressed that I got more than what I expected from KP Archery.




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