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If facebook is a place for friends, then huntsight is a place for hunters.

With so much controversy over posting photos with dead african animals on facebook, we thought it was high time hunters had their own social media site. Hunt Sight was developed to give hunters and those who promote hunting a place to go and feel comfortable, safe and be among friends. It is our vision to build an online community of hunters that celebrates the tradition of hunting.


The Cam Protector becomes an extension of your bow. 

It frees up your mind to shoot so you are no longer worried about how you place your bow on the ground or whether to rest it on your boot or not. This revolutionary product has been thoroughly tested in every way possible. Go ahead, lean on your bow a little. Forget your bi-pod? No problem. With the Cam Protector attached, you can lean your bow up against virtually anything.



Pre-rut, during the rut or late season….anytime you want to attract deer! This scent is loaded with smells that deer love and is proven to work to bring deer in. And it brings them close. Spray it on your clothes, on the leaves and trees around your set up or into the wind to spread the scent. It is a 2-in-1 scent. It can be used both as a cover scent + attractant on bucks and does.